You're already a great music teacher.

It's time to become even greater.

Music is one of the most fun things on the planet. Yet many students have the experience of getting bored if all they do is book work. This course will help you gain the skills to make music come alive for your students. You're already a great music teacher. All you need is a few skills in easy technology to become the most popular music teacher around! You'll learn from Kate Hurley, a singer songwriter with a degree in piano who toured the world for 13 years and made 6 solo albums. When she switched careers to become a music teacher, she wanted to integrate the creativity and innovation she learned as a recording artist into her lessons and came up with truly unique and delightful ways to teach music.

In this course you will learn

  • How to teach theory that students of any age can easily learn.

  • Easy exercises that will get your student's writing their own music compositions.

  • How to use simple apps and programs to help your students create their compositions and add instrumentation and beats.

  • How to put your students' compositions on YouTube.

  • How to use engaging apps and curriculums that will make your students excited for every lesson.

  • Bonus learning material and lyrical songwriting lessons.